Server Rules

Fundamental rules

  1. Any person playing on the server automatically agrees with this set of rules and agrees to perform them.
  2. Each administrator has the right to edit this set of rules at any time of day.
  3. The administration of the project has the full right to block your account for violation of one or another item of this set of rules.
  4. The administration of the project does not return to you the resources that were lost due to rollback, your death, a bug.
  5. The administration has the right to adjust this set of rules without prior notice to the players.
  6. And the main rule: DBAC, dude. (Don't Be A C**t)

Rules for players

The administration does not recommend sending their personal data to unauthorized persons (such as the password from the account on the server, passport data, etc.). Attention! To interact with the players, for administration's it's enough to know your nickname!

  1. Griefing in any ways is prohibited.
  2. It is forbidden to use any errors and imperfections of the game client, server, plugins, admins to gain the benefit of both own and other players.
  3. If there are any shortcomings and errors in the software of the game, the player must inform the server administration about it.
  4. It is forbidden to use third-party software to connect to game servers. This includes both third-party programs and plugins for the client, giving an indisputable advantage in the game.
  5. It is forbidden to create structures that interfere with the normal operation of the server.
  6. It is not allowed to use skins and/or capes that offend other players
  7. It is forbidden to use X-ray texturepacks.
  8. If a player detects suspicious objects, events, players or other suspicious things, he is obliged to inform the Administration about it.
  9. It is forbidden to distribute information about game bugs, in case of detection of bugs, you need to contact the administration.
  10. It is forbidden to set a home point on a territory belonging to another player, without his consent.
  11. It is forbidden to use / sell / distribute / store / give / use / plant / throw items that were obtained dishonestly.
  12. It is forbidden to use very complex RedStone circuits, different generators, which entail a heavy load on the server machine.
  13. It is forbidden to build buildings that do not make sense or insult other players.
  14. It is forbidden to build giant inscriptions, spoiling the appearance of the terrain or insulting other players.
  15. It is forbidden to install tablets that offend other players.
  16. It is forbidden to use profanity in chat.
  17. It is forbidden to insult the administration.
  18. It is forbidden to insult other players, regardless of form.
  19. Begging is prohibited in persistent form.
  20. It is forbidden to require the administration or moderators to commit any actions.
  21. Provocation are prohibited of any nature.
  22. Public discussion of the server command actions is prohibited.
  23. It is forbidden to abuse meaningless and/or repetitive messages (from 3 repetitions).
  24. It is prohibited to trade for real money.
  25. It is forbidden to write messages to the chat when CapsLock is on.
  26. It is forbidden to use the same repeating spets in messages. characters (@ #%!?, etc.) from 5 repetitions in the message.
  27. It is prohibited to discriminate and humiliate other players on racial, national, sexual, religious, etc. signs (in accordance with the Criminal Code and the Convention on Human Rights).
  28. It is forbidden to use nicks, which are similar to administration nicknames.

Rules for moderators and their responsibilities

  1. The moderator is obliged to provide a comfortable game for visitors to the server. It monitors the execution of server rules.
  2. A player who has violated the rules, the Moderator has the right to punish in any way at his discretion in accordance with the rules of the server.
  3. The moderator has the right to make his own decisions, not stipulated in the Rules, depending on the situation.
  4. The moderator has the rights to delete buildings that are contrary to the rules of the server.
  5. The moderator has no right to abuse his authority.
  6. The actions of the moderators and the administration are not discussed.